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So, we can’t do camp like we used to; you know, traveling, staying in cabins, going swimming, having shaving cream fights, corporate Holy-Spirit filled meetings and so much more.  But…what if we could have a day-camp “together” at your church that would not only have as many elements as possible of the camping experience but the same Spirit-filled, impactful services?? Could it work?  I think the answer would be a huge, “YES!!!”


     Here’s our plan:  The KidzAblaze team is made up of 40 middle and high school students.  We will LIVE stream camp services to each of the churches that participate.  We’re gonna call the camp “SUPERCHARGED”…a digital summer camp experience.  But there is even more. We are making this digital camp feel as close to kids camp as we can get - not only will there be 2 “Power-Up” kids’ services, but with your help, we can gather the kids at your church for ministry workshops, crafts, games, food and there’s even time built into the schedule to where you can add other stuff!  

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