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KidzAblaze began in 2003 as a ministry that would help children discover the gifts God has given to them can be used TODAY and not when they became older.  We believe that there’s no age limit on WHEN God can use someone to BEGIN fulfilling their destiny.  Kids can hear and respond to God just as much as older people!  When they begin to respond to His voice, their hearts can be set “Ablaze” with a passion for God and His gifts.  That’s why we call it “KidzAblaze”.  God sets kids hearts “Ablaze” with His presence!


Helping kids to discover their gifts and be set “Ablaze” for God largely takes place through our student ministry team.  The team comprises of around 50 students (Grades 5-12) and Adult Leaders.  Through regular, systematic training, the students learn how to develop a wide range of gifts that God has given to them.  Along with the adult team, they travel to different churches throughout the year and typically will minister through Worship Band, dance, drama, acting and puppetry.  However, we involve the children of the local church in various workshops that are decided to help them discover their gifts.  Along with the training of the children, we also impart vision and resources to the local church on how they can continue developing teams of kids that can minister in local body of believers.

Randy Thompson


Randy Thompson, the Founder of KidzAblaze Ministries served as a Full-time Children’s Pastor in 3 local churches for over 16 years before creating KidzAblaze in 2003.  He received a 4 year degree in Social Work at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, a Master's in  Ministry from Richmont University in Atlanta and is ordained through the Assemblies of God.   Along with giving oversight to KidzAblaze Ministries, he is also the Lead Pastor of NorthGate Church in Salisbury, NC.    He and his lovely wife Dianne have been married 38 years and have 2 daughters, 2 son-in-laws, and 5 grandchildren.

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Randy Thompson
Founder and Director

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