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For those of you who don’t know me, let me take a minute and just say that I AM A HUGE FAN OF CAMP!!!!! AHHHHH! I started doing camps way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth – in 1991! So, that would make this year, 2023 my 32nd year of camp! However, I’m super excited about this year! So, get’s gonna be the best week of the summer!


This year we’re using Victory Mountain Christian Camp in Sophia, NC. Each day you’ll be able to swim in an amazing pool, paddleboat or canoe on the lake, or if it’s really hot outside you can enjoy the game room and play ping-pong, shoot some pool or play air hockey! We’re also going to have Bible Mania each day! This team competition can get really messy at times! Prepare yourself for some water balloon activity and our HUGE shaving cream war at the end of the week!

Each night our Kidzablaze team of middle/high school students will present a musical that I know you will absolutely love! The best part of each day will be our prayer and worship time in the evenings! God always shows up in HUGE way and lives are changed! Are you ready for God to do something awesome? Then sign up today, get your registration in and I will see you at camp this summer!

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