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Duck, Duck...I Need A Game!!!

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

August 14, 2022


One common struggle I've faced on KidzAblaze is games.

Finding fun games most kids enjoy is hard. Yet the ability to lead fun games for a kids group of any size and age range is vital for kids ministry!

Here are some types of games we've used on KidzAblaze:

1.) Stinky Shoe Relay

Have all the kids take off their shoes on one end of the room. After that, while you have them go to the other side of the room and split them into 2 lines, have somebody mix up the shoes so each pair isn't together. Then, on the count of 3, the first kid in each line will race to the shoe pile, find their shoes, put them on as fast as possible, and finally sprint back to their team line to tag the next person! This repeats until one line has all their shoes on!!

Relay games are helpful for groups of about 10 kids or more, and are awesome because they get the kids' energy out before the service! While we usually choose to play the Stinky Shoe version of a relay race, there are plenty of other ways to change up relays to make them fit for your group and space.

(Note: When introducing relays, it's especially important to clarify rules, such as the person running back must first tag the next kid before they can go next.)

2.) Eye Tag


Yep. Eye Tag.

Here's how it works: get the kids in a circle, and have each of them look down. On the count of three, they'll look up and pick one person to stare at (no looking at the wall or the floor!). If 2 people stare at each other, they're out! Play goes on until only 1 or 2 people are left (the number left will depend on whether the number of those playing is odd or even).

I discovered a similar game in one of my first workshops with 3 bored kids: Bottle Flip. Yes, it's just that. You again have the kids sit in a circle, and they take turns trying to flip the water bottle so it lands upright. The first to get 3 flips (or any designated number) wins! I like this game with kids who are reluctant to take part in a group.

Circle games like this one are great for small groups, and keep them in one spot. It can even help rowdy groups settle down. Others are Duck, Duck, Goose and Hot Potato (you wouldn't believe how many kids of all ages and personalities love Duck, Duck, Goose!).

3.) Simone Says

Hey, at some point you have to change up things with a letter e!

and you can do more than changing the name to make this game more interesting. There are tons of things that can make the game more fun and challenging for a smart group of kids!

For example, after doing some normal things, try something tricky like switching between 2 actions, like "Simone says pat your knee" and "Simone says bow", until you leave of "Simone says" off one of the actions. Or you can ask a question, not starting it off with "Simone says..." but rather, "Tell me...". If they answer, they're out! You could even change the name and say "Ramone says..." to see if they notice.

Or maybe try a challenge Simone says, such as "Simone says hold your breath for 20 seconds" or "Simone says lie down and keep your feet only a few inches off the ground".

Other crowd games you can do are Freeze Dance and Statues.

(Note: for all of these you may need to appoint extra judges to watch the kids. If any kids are out, make sure they're informed nicely as well!)

Of course, there are plenty of other games you can do. But those are a few that we find are useful with the kids! In the background of any games you can even play upbeat music to set the mood, or give the kids chances to lead. No matter what, though, games are a greta time to connect with kids!

What games do you do with kids? Comment below!

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