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God's Human Video

October 23, 2022


Have you ever seen a human video? I've seen some, and been a part of a few, but until I actually taught a human video, I've never realized how important each part is to the performance.

Last August I had the privilege of teaching the team a human video, a story acted out to a song, to the song Oasis. As I had never taught a full human video before, it was different, and sometimes it was hard to put my vision into words. I knew they wouldn't be able to understand the thing as a whole until we went through it a couple times, and probably wouldn't see what I saw unless they saw a video of the result afterward. At most parts, 3 or 4 things would be going on at the same time, and movement dominated the stage.

Yet the human video ended up amazing. Why?

They trusted my vision, and turned my words into actions.

Have you ever felt like God's directions don't make sense? Why can't we get the glorious part? Why have to play a part at all?

God has a plan for each and every one of us, you included (Jeremiah 29:11).

"Ok, that's cool God. Soooo, can I get this part now? And why am I here?"

"Ah," God says. "This part isn't for you yet. I know you don't understand the plan yet. I know it doesn't seem important yet. But when you play your part, and you play it well, you know what happens? What seems blurry to you will be beautiful to those looking from the outside, who watch from the audience. Your part matters. You just have to trust my directions."

How can we take part in God's human video?

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