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Out of the Comfort Zone

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Melissa H.

Joining the Team

I was there as my older siblings' little sister, and was sort of the shy one that didn’t really want to talk to anyone. My parents had kind of made me go to the Breakaway, but I also wanted to join the team, so it was like a perfect fit.

Meeting the Team

Once I got there, I felt included. I was scared and nervous, but some team members helped me feel like I was a part of this big family. So when we arrived at NorthGate church, I set my stuff down, and joined into the games that had already started.

After games, Pastor Randy got up on the stage and talked about what we were gonna do. I learned along with the other new members, listening to classes on things like how to be a leader, and personal hygiene. Of course, we do all these different things regularly, but it was a good reminder.


Even though there were so many things we did there, and they were all so much fun, my favorite part of the whole trip was the worship time. For me, I wasn’t really one of those people who lifted my hands when praising the Lord. I was would go along with the crowd. But at that moment when we put on the slow worship music, and just worshiping the Lord, I really felt something. So at that moment I felt like I really had to actually lift my hands. Not halfway, like people usually do. I fully lifted my hands. This, for me, wasn’t normal, but I didn’t feel nervous about it. I felt like I was growing a stronger connection with the Lord.

What Stepping Out Did for Me

We also did so much more. You could have so much fun there, there were so many jokes, and everybody laughed all the time.

And of course, I was one of the people that were shy at first. But I slowly grew to love the team, and feel like I was actually part of their family. I especially grew a strong relationship with the two people I am working on this blog with now. I may have not known them when I first joined the team, but now I feel really close to them.

Stepping out of our comfort zone can take us many places. Will we step out?

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