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The Trash Game

Updated: Sep 25, 2022


August 21, 2022

“Hey guys, look what I have!”

Two heads swung toward the speaker. I leaped out of my chair, abandoning my breakfast. Two options came to mind: I could go around the table, or dive over it and grab for the prize.

I raced around the table.

Why did I have to have common sense?? My opponent reached the laughing girl first and grabbed the prize out of her hand. “NOOOOO!!!!” I said. But I still had a chance. I just had to get it from my opponent before she reached the goal.

I ran around her and blocked her path. I reached for it. The comments, “No!” “You can’t!” “Give it!!” and, “It’s mine!” were thrown back and forth.

Now we both were laughing.

I lunged for it, but she swung it just out of reach and sprinted the other direction.

Oh no. “Wait, I forgot about that trash can!!!” I ran full speed ahead. Just as she reached the goal, my arms tangled in hers. I almost had it!

She escaped and dunked the styrofoam plate and cup in.

“I guess you won that round!” I said. We returned to our table, laughing.

She had won the trash game.

Have you ever had something you always helped with, at home, school or church? For me, on KidzAblaze, it was throwing away other people’s trash. Without thinking, I’d ask people, “Do you want me to take your trash?” Since I was heading there anyway to throw away my own plate (after all, when I first joined KidzAblaze, being super introverted, I wasn’t very involved, nor understood all the conversations around the table, so I might as well go throw away my trash!).

At first most people would say something like, “Oh, sure! Thanks!” One trip, however, I saw a napkin crumpled on another member’s plate, and, again, since I was going to throw away my own trash, I grabbed hers. When she noticed, to my surprise she said with the straightest face, “Ugh, you are just too nice!”

That’s how our game started, just seeing who could throw away the most real trash. That person, along with the other one I described in the story, and I played it most frequently. I enjoy it mostly because it’s a good reminder throughout the trip of why I’m on KidzAblaze—to serve!

Sometimes I think the small things we do to serve seem insignificant. But I realized the little things I’ve done, even so small as picking up trash, brings a simple kind of joy to me, and even to those around me. Just being a servant, not for personal gain but for the Lord, is awesome!

How is God calling you to serve today?

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