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The Prayer Groups

February 5, 2023


Two weeks ago we had our KidzAblaze Practice Weekend. It went stupendously, and we had a great time. One of my favorite times, however, was Saturday night.

The Prayer Groups

Do you enjoy praying for people? I do. That's why I was beside myself Saturday night. We split up into several groups. Ours had five people, and we took turns praying for each person in our group. This allowed everyone on the team to receive a few words and be prayed over, as well as get experience praying for others.

Each Breakaway, Pastor Randy teaches us how to pray for people. As an introvert, it was hard to get used to praying for people like we do at KidzAblaze. Pastor Randy helped me see how valuable it is, though.

What Not To Do

Yeah, there are some things you shouldn't do. When you're praying for people, don't:

-Make up stuff. If you're not getting a picture or word, it's ok. Sometimes people simply need a prayer, and God will guide your words.

-Whisper. Did you ever like it when someone whispered when everything around you is noisy?

-Stroke their hair. I know--my hands enjoy messing with things too. But it's weird when someone messed with your hair, especially if you don't know them. And don't mess with they're shirt, ears, nose, etc.

-Push them over. That's not them being slain in the Holy Spirit. That's pain.

What To Do

When you're praying for people:

-Be a vessel. There's no pressure on you to give someone a word. You're God's vessel, and He's the one speaking to who you're praying for, not you. If you're not sure if a word or picture is from God, keep praying. God's not a God of confusion, and His sheep know His voice.

-Speak loudly and clearly. Not yelling, but make sure it's easy for them to understand you.

-Stand in front of them. You don't need them wondering who's talking when they should be listening. It also helps them hear better, and you can see them.

-Put your hand firmly on their shoulder. As long as it's not weird (like they're really tall and you're really short and you can hardly reach their shoulder), that's usually a good way to pray for people. If it's crowded, I'll also put my hand on the shoulder of someone who has their hand on the person's shoulder, because it's like an electrical current. You want to be connected. Otherwise, keep your hands to yourself.

-End with prayer. If you do get a word or picture for someone, it's good to end with a prayer, not just the interpretation. And you never know--God may guide your words even more as you pray!

Those are some things I like to remember when I pray for people. Is there someone God's calling you to pray for?

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