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The Scare Of My Life


April 30, 2022

“No you be in front! I don’t want him to punch me!” Maomi* said giggling.

“Ok fine, but you have to video it.” Nandi* said rolling her eyes.

They hid behind a wall waiting till the unsuspecting Pastor came around the corner where they would jump out at him and scare him. Who’s him? Well it’s me. Pastor Randy Thompson. This is how two little girls scared two years off my life…

I Just Woke Up

Kidzablaze had been going on week long trips for a month straight now, ministering in many different locations with hundreds of kids. Little to say I was tired. Only a few more days of being in Edenton. Then I can go home, I thought to myself. The team had about an hour left of fof (feet of the floor) time, and I told them that if they weren’t asleep they could get up and talk, but they had to be quiet.

I got up, walked out of my room, and saw Maomi and Nandi sitting on the couch. They were laughing about something and talking. Then, when I walked up, they started talking to me. We joked about something that someone had said that week, and had a short little conversation. Then they started being annoying. Saying little things and joking on me.

I was tired, but I put up with and teased them back. “Alright well I’m going to the bathroom now, so leave me alone.” I said as they giggled. I walked away, thinking I could snag a few minutes alone to clear my head while I cleared my bladder.

There was a little rustling and giggling outside of my door, but I just suspected it was the girls being loud. Little did I know they were right outside my bathroom door about to give me a thrill of a lifetime.


Once I was done using the bathroom, I washed my hands and sleepily walked outside the bathroom. My head was still a little foggy from just waking up, but I was still ready to do another day of ministry. I took a few steps out from the door and suddenly I hear:


“AAAAHHH!!” I responded, throwing my hands up. My heart beat quickly. Was someone about to attack me? Was I about to be mugged? I was so scared I didn’t notice the two giggling girls standing there videoing me and laughing their faces off. They really scared me. They REALLY scared me.

“You two…you just took two years off my life by scaring me like that.”

Today we all laugh together about the time Maomi and Nandi scared me. I don’t scare easily. Usually I’m the one doing the scaring. But this time, they got me good.

No Fear

Many times in our lives we will be coming out of a restful season ready to take on the next one. But the devil is hiding behind a wall ready to jump out at the unsuspecting Christian. He will try to scare us into turning back and not taking a step forward. He will do everything he can to stop us from pursuing what God has in store for us. But you can’t let that stop you. Even though you may be frightened, you have to push through the fear and step into what God has for you.

“You shall not fear them, for it is the Lord your God who fights for you.”

Deuteronomy 3:22 (ESV)

*Names changed for privacy

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